Sixty seconds with Shaha Riadh


Shaha Riadh boasts of meeting KP’s brother and is the captain of the Scintilla Second XI

Emdad Rahman

1. What does it mean to be a Scintilla captain?

An honour and a great pleasure.

2. Sri Lanka or India?


3. Your hopes for this season?

To be division champions and achieve promotion.

4. Your dream job?

Software engineer.

5. Should KP return to the national team?

I would love to see him back.

6. What is your favourite Scintilla moment?

When Scintilla became champions last season.

7. Your cricket inspiration?
Sachin Tendulkar.

8. Your advice to the youngsters?

Always be positive and stay tuned in to new developments.

9. Your favourite book?

The Colour of law by Mark Gimenez

10. Films?

Anything with James Bond

Sixty seconds with Shaha Riadh

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