Sixty seconds with Ayaz Karim


Emdad Rahman

The skipper takes the hot seat and talks about his aims for the season

1. How is life at Scintilla?

It is a tremendous experience for me to play with such energetic and committed scintilians. I’m very proud to lead the first team this season.

2. Your favourite current cricketer?

AB de Villiers

3. Your favourite food?

Chinese and Thai

4. Favourite colour?


5. Your targets this year?

Winning the Essex County Cricket League Premier Division

6. Your advice to young players?

Enjoy the game as much as possible and remember, Hard work always pays off.

7. Brian Lara or Ricky Ponting?

Brian Lara

8. What is your aim as Scintilla captain this year?

Being a captain is the highest pedestal for any cricketer. The way the boys are performing I strongly believe we will retain the title this season.

9. How do you motivate yourself and the team?

There are highs and lows in cricket. When a team faces tough times I try to focus on the positives and use them to learn and bolster our experience. In terms of motivating team mates I believe that ‘appreciation is the key’

10. Who is your ideal captain in cricket?

Mashrafe Mortaza (Bangladesh). The way he led the team in the World Cup 2015 was absolutely fabulous to watch.

Sixty seconds with Ayaz Karim

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