Sixty seconds with Ahmad Norharif Hamidon


The Malaysian under 19 star and right armed all rounder is settling well into London life…

1. How are you settling into your new life at Scintilla CC?

My general life rules are: adapt, interact and enjoy!

2. What has been the biggest change in your lifestyle?

Travelling and settling into the UK for a short period in order to further my studies and to expand on my skillset through experiencing quality cricket.

3. What are your future cricket and life plans?

Work hard, play cricket for the Malaysian senior team and develop a good career.

4. Bat or ball?

Both but I do favour the bat slightly more.

5. Your favourite Malaysian cricketer?

Suhan Alagaratnam.

6. Your first job?

I was a cricket scorer.

7. What one cricketing skill would you choose to have if you had a choice?


8. Your favourite gadget?

Most certainly a DSLR Camera.

9. Your best motto?

If I can take it, I can make it.

10. What is your ideal holiday destination?

Easy! Any location that has a beach.

Sixty seconds with Ahmad Norharif Hamidon

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