Sixty seconds with Ishaq Shawn


The latest Scintilla Centurion owes it all to his parents…

Emdad Rahman

1. Your best moment in cricket?

Getting the Man of the match award in the final of a 2007 cricket tournament at the Beanibazar PHG High School Field in Sylhet, Bangladesh.

2. How did you feel after your match winning century against Ford CC?

I do not want to point out my individual performance on that particular day as it was a total team effort. Personally, I was happy that I contributed to a great team win.

3. What do you like most about London?

People of all ages enjoying cricket. I like the standard of living. London is a very welcoming city.

4. What’s your favourite item of clothing?

Jeans and Polo shirts.

5. What is your nickname?

Shawn but school friends call me Boida/Dim (egg). It’s a long story.

6. At what age did you start playing cricket?

That’s a difficult one. I honestly can’t remember exactly but my dad made a cricket bat for me when I was in class/standard 2.

7. What is your favourite movie?

The pursuit of happyness.

8. Who is your cricketing hero?

Brian Charles Lara – Always delivered his best.

9. What is your greatest strength?

My parents: I am still learning from them and any good quality I have is due to them.

10. What inspires you?

My wife and daughter.

Sixty seconds with Ishaq Shawn

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