Sixty seconds with Sajal Rahman


Emdad Rahman

Congratulations are in order as the new Scintilla CC vice captain is put on the spot.

1. Your thoughts on being made vice captain?

First of all thanks to the team management for their trust in me. I feel honoured. Now all I need is for my team mates to support me to help move the team forward.

2. Is it true that you are a diehard Liverpool fan?

Unfortunately no. I am not as I am a Man United fan. But I am a big fan of Steven Gerrard.

3. What is your most memorable moment in a Scintilla CC shirt?

Winning the Essex County Cricket League Premiership title last year.

4. Do you sing?

I love music and I try to sing.

5. How does your role within Scintilla CC change with your new role?

I have always participated in team briefings and planning matches with the captain. I regularly make suggestions on bowling, batting and field set ups. Now I will be doing much the same in a formal role. I hope I can add to team organisation, discipline and professionalism.

6. What is the toughest sledging you’ve received?

Someone once said: “Look at the batsman, his legs are shaking !”

7. What is the best sledging you’ve dished out?

It was against Barking at their home ground. I can’t remember the batsman’s name. After he missed my third consecutive ball I said to him after my follow through: “for God’s sake please touch the ball once.”

8. Do you have a life philosophy?

There are no shortcuts to success.

9. Have you always been a popular character?

I don’t know, you tell me! By the grave of God wherever I go I am always received and treat with much love and respect. It’s a blessing.

10. What is the most embarassing thing you have ever done in public?

Once I walked almost 600 metres through dirty road drains to win a challenge. I will allow your imagination to take over now. I can’t believe I’ve shared that with you.

Sixty seconds with Sajal Rahman

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