Sixty seconds with Syed Iftekhar


Emdad Rahman

Derby games are glory games and the Scintilla centurion revels in his derby day exploits…

1. Was your century against Barking CC extra satisfying due to it being a derby game?

Yes. Derby games are always extra special and have that extra spice added to the occasion.

2. Who is the most intelligent player in the team?

It has to be me! Jokes aside, all my team mates are very talented and intelligent. It is very hard to specifically single out one single person.

3. What has your cricketing journey like?

After joining Scintilla I have rediscovered the taste and feel good factor I used to feel as a cricketer in Bangladesh. I am loving this journey.

4. What’s the best thing about playing for Scintilla CC?

Everyone is so friendly and co-operative.

5. What are your hopes for this summer?

To become a champion.

6. What is the highest score you’ve made?

The 115 against Barking is the highest score I have made in my career.

7. Orange juice or water?


8. What is your favourite book? Why?

I love reading autobiographies. Recently I read Nelson Mandela’s autobiography the Long Walk to Freedom. The biographies of luminaries and successful people never fail to boost my life vision.

9. What is the best cricket ground that you have played in?

I’ll stick to this season and our home ground at Peter May is rather special.

10. Mark or Steve Waugh? Why?

Steve Waugh was an outstanding all rounder as well as being a prudent and calm captain.

Sixty seconds with Syed Iftekhar

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