Scintilla Iftar at Sripur Restaurant

By Emdad Rahman

Scintilla Cricket Club took time out from a busy playing schedule to come together and break bread as a team at Sripur, a uniquely stylish Indian restaurant in Central London.

The popular Great Tower Street eatery was taken over by the squad and family members to socialise, catch up, eat and plan ahead. The players of the Barking & Dagenham outfit enjoyed a Ramadan evening out and ended their fasting day in unison as the sun set on a scorching summer Sunday.

The Iftar was hosted by club captain Ahmed Choudhury and Sripur Restaurant owner Shohid Chowdhury. He said, Ramadan is the month of plenty and we are very pleased to host such a great bunch of people. I have a long standing affiliation with this special team and I wish them the best of success with this season and the future.’

Senior and second team captains Ayaz Karim and Shaha Riadh announced Juwel Roy and Toufik Billah as players of the month for May and June for their outstanding performances in a Scintilla shirt. They were presented prizes by club captain Ahmed Choudhury. He said, ‘we are a family here and this is reflected in our performances on the pitch. We rise together, we fall together. With Ramadan coming to an end I wish everyone Eid Mubarak and a joyous day of celebration.’ 

Scintilla Iftar at Sripur Restaurant

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